Your new laundry starts here

A laundry is all about design - it has purpose, needing functionality to operate effortlessly. But it also needs to be beautiful - blending into your home and creating a space you're happy to be in.

Whatever your reason for a new laundry, space is key. Smaller laundries require smart planning and clever organisation to maintain their functionality, while larger laundries can be multi-use spaces and more than storage, but the same principles apply; make it easier, practical, user friendly and a place that’s pleasant to be. So, whether it's a $5k refresh or a $20k renovation, planning can make or break the outcome.

Laminex is here to help you every step of the way, from budgeting to functions and features, our Laundry Design & Renovation Guide walks you through the six stages of a successful renovation to achieve the laundry you’ve always wanted.

For a stress-free renovation, download your free Laundry Renovation Guide here.

Step 1 - Planning

A successful laundry renovation begins with a good plan. Having a clear idea of what you're trying to achieve (and what budget you have to achieve it) will not only help you develop a clear direction, it will also come in handy when communicating your vision with a tradesperson or builder.

A great way to kick-off the planning stage is to ask yourself some key questions, like why are you renovating? A clear purpose and end goal for your project will help you make decisions along the way. Start compiling your inspiration images, as well as outlining your practical needs like storage and benchspace. Consider any rough budgets and timelines - does this project need to be completed by a certain date or are you more flexible? Set yourself up for success by using the planning checklist in our Laundry Renovation Guide.

Laminex Milkwood cabinetry and Laminex French Cream benchtop and joinery. | Photography by James Geer. | Design by CJH Studio.

Step 2 - Budget

Establishing a budget early in the renovation project can help you understand the scope of your project. A set budget will inform products and finishes, and provide a framework for your trades to work within. Laundry renovation costs can vary, so establish whether your project is low, mid-range or a high-investment undertaking.

Low range renovation (European laundry)

  • Cosmetic change only
  • Retain existing layout and plumbing locations, no structural changes
  • Keeping existing cabinetry carcass with new benchtops, cupboard doors and painted walls - Laminate cabinets and benchtops are ideal!

Mid-range renovation (small to medium laundry)

  • Small structural update
  • New cabinetry, splashback and fittings and benchtops - premium laminate benchtops or mid-tier stone
  • Professional installers

High range renovation (medium to large laundry)

  • Complete overhaul
  • New layout, including structural changes
  • Statement benchtop in stone, porcelain, polished concrete or marble
  • Premium custom-cabinetry in finishes like Laminex Chalk, PureGrain or AbsoluteMatte

Download our Laundry Renovation Guide for our budget overviews and easy Budget Template to create your own.

Featuring Laminex Green Slate. | Design by MJ Harris. | Photogprahy by Joel Noon.

Expert tip: Unexpected things happen! Allow a 15% contingency buffer in your budget for accidents, incorrect measurements or discovering termites.

Step 3 - Storage and Layout

A laundry is all about functionality, especially if you’re working with a smaller space or footprint. Consider your storage and work zones carefully and prioritise your needs accordingly. Make life easy and design a space that is a pleasure to use.

Our Laundry Renovation Guide includes common laundry layouts including European concealed laundry, straight line laundry and L-shaped laundry.

Featuring Laminex Planked Urban Oak and Essastone White Concrete.

Expert tip: Consider the benefits of both natural and artificial lighting sources - take note of natural light at different times of day in the space and add artificial light where needed.

Step 4 - Style and Colour

Once you've locked down the storage and layout needs of your laundry, it's time to have fun! You want your laundry to reflect your home's aesthetic (or future aesthetic if this is the first part of the reno journey!), so compliment existing schemes and palettes where possible.

Look over your moodboard, saved images on Instagram or Pinterest, or pages youve pulled from design magazines. See what textures, colours and finishes are really standing out to you. If you're looking for a little inspiration, we've put togehter six popular palettes in our Laundry Renovation Guide.

Laminex Spinifex and Calm White. | Laminex Seed and Rural Oak | Designed by Oak and Orange. | Photography by The Palm Co.

Step 5 - Materials and fixtures

Now it's time to focus on the details. Enhance your design with complementary materials and fittings. Just like the rest of the laundry, we need to balance personal style with practicality for a laundry that is as useful as it is beautiful.

Choose benchtops, doors/drawers and internal cabinetry that reflect your chosen style and colour palette, but are also durable and easy to clean. You'll want to keep the same thing in mind when deciding on your splashback, sink, tapware, appliances, lighting and flooring.

There's a lot to consider, so use the component checklist in our Laundry Renovation Guide to keep track of your selections.

Expert tip: Stick to your plan. Make sure you frequently refer to your plan and mood board. Small changes can have flow on effects and cause unwanted extra costs. Avoid these problems by revisiting your plan to stay on track and save time and money.

Laminex Sarsen Grey | Designed by CJH Studio. | Photography by Timothy Kaye.

Step 6 - Bringing it to life

Your budgets are set, your checklists have been checked - you're ready to get started on your laundry renovation!

If you're working with a professional team, now is the time to engage your designer, builder or cabinet maker. Bring everything you've worked on in our Guide, and they'll be very impressed.

Make sure to download our Laundry Renovation Guide (if you haven't already) to get an overview of the next steps - including when trades are brought in and specific tasks will start.

Now, it's time to put on your first load of washing.

Download your free copy of the Laundry Renovation Guide here.