HI - MACS Frequently Asked Questions

Where is HI-MACS made?

HI-MACS is made in South Korea, and is recognised as a global leader within the Solid Surface category.

How many HI-MACS decors will Laminex stock in Australia?

Laminex will stock 66 HI-MACS decors, including 36 new HI-MACS decors not previously stocked in Australia. 

Will Laminex stock all the HI-MACS colours from the current Australian HI-MACS palette?

More than half of the previously ranged HI-MACS decors will continue to be offered by Laminex. As Laminex has taken this opportunity to refresh the HI-MACS offer, some of the older HI-MACS decors will be phased out of the range and replaced with exciting new decors not previously offered in Australia. 

Continuing HI-MACS Decors

S028 Alpine White
M423 Ancona
T017 Andromeda
G034 Arctic Granite
S006 Arctic White
S026 Banana
S022 Black
G010 Black Pearl
G235 Candy White
M551 Chic Concrete
G110 Corona
G101 Crystal Beige
S034 Diamond White
M553 Ebony Concrete
S025 Firey Red
VW01 Gemini
S005 Gray
W001 Ice Queen
M424 Lunar Dust
S107 Mazarin Blue
S302 Opal
P004 Perna Black
P001 Perna White
S304 Ruby
VA01 Santa Ana
S001 Satin White
M552 Shadow Concrete
G555 Steel Concrete
G554 Urban Concrete
G004 White Quartz


New HI-MACS Decors

S002 Almond
S009 Cream
S029 Ivory White
S201 Nougat Cream
G135 Chamomile
G114 Clay
G557 Cloud Concrete
S103 Concrete Gray
G136 Darjeeling
S119 Evergreen
S212 Light Green
G108 Lunar Sand
S027 Orange
G107 Pebble Pearl
G106 Riviera Sand
G194 Sand White
G038 Sea Oat Quartz
G556 Snow Concrete
S109 Steel Gray
S121 Suede
G115 Whinstone
VA22 Frosty
S922U Intense Ultra Black
S924U Intense Ultra Dark Gray
S923U Intense Ultra Gray
W022 Moon Dusk
W021 Morning Calm
M606 Aurora Bianco
M607 Aurora Cream
M603 Aurora Pavia
M601 Aurora Torano
M428 Ispani
M351 Milan
M904 Naples
M605 Sanremo
M352 Vernaza


What are some of the new HI-MACS decors Laminex will be introducing?
  • Nine new Marmo colours- Reminiscent of natural marble, with the benefits of HI-MACS. Includes five colours from the stunning new Aurora collection.
    Introducing the all new Intense Series – 3 dark solids (Black, Dark Gray, Gray) with improved wear resistance with less visible scratches and excellent thermoforming, allowing a tight internal radius with less whitening.

  • Ten new solids – Including an extension to the whites and neutrals palette, new bright perfect for commercial projects, and the stunning new deep muted green “Evergreen”. 
    Nine new Granites- further enhancing the range of HI-MACS granites, from the clean crisp new “Sand White” to the warmer “Sea Oat Quartz”, right through to the darker, richer “Clay”.


When will Laminex start selling HI-MACS?

Laminex will commence selling HI-MACS in December 2019 and from 1st January 2020 Laminex will be the Exclusive Authorised Distributor of HI-MACS in Australia. 


Will the full HI-MACS Global Range be available to order?

With our expertise in colour and our forecast of colour trends, Laminex has curated a comprehensive HI-MACS palette, uniquely for the Australian market. We suggest you select your HI-MACS from the locally stocked range. If you do require colours from the HI-MACS Global range, these will be available with an additional lead time and minimum order quantity. Please contact your Laminex Sales Representative for more details. 

Which HI-MACS sheet formats will Laminex stock?

Laminex will stock a comprehensive range of HI-MACS sheet sizes and thickness:


Sheet Size

Available Colours


3680 x 760


3680 x 1520

S028 Alpine White

3680 x 1350

S028 Alpine White

3680 x 910

S028 Alpine White


2490 x 760

S028 Alpine White

2490 x 910

S028 Alpine White


3680 x 760

S028 Alpine White


Can I order a half sheet?

Yes, Laminex will offer the full HI-MACS colour range in three pre-determined cut down sheet sizes only: 


Sheet Size

Available Colours


2760 x 760 (¾ Sheet)



1835 x 760 (½ Sheet)



915 x 760 (¼ Sheet)



What is the lead time for cut sheets?

Cut sheets may attract 1 additional days lead time if the required cut sheet size is not in stock at time of order.


Will Laminex offer a complimentary HI-MACS sink & basin range?

Yes,You can see the Sinks range here and Basins range here


Will Laminex offer a HI-MACS adhesives range? 

Yes, Laminex will stock a full range of complimentary HI-MACS branded adhesives, as well as applicators and spare tips. You can view the range here


Will Laminex continue to sell the Laminex Freestyle Solid Surface Range?

Given that HI-MACS is a global leader delivering superior quality, consistency and product range, Laminex will be phasing out the existing Laminex Freestyle Solid Surface range. 


I am an existing HI-MACS Fabricator. Will I need to be re-accredited before I can purchase HI-MACS from Laminex?

Yes. To ensure the highest possible standards of HI-MACS Fabrication is upheld, all Fabricators will need to be re-accredited by Laminex.


What is the accreditation process for Fabricators?

Your Laminex Sales Representative will work with you to evaluate your business and determine whether it is able to be certified a Laminex accredited HI-MACS fabricator. In some cases, your Laminex Sales Rep may recommend additional HI-MACS Fabrication training prior to receiving the fabrication licence.


Why do I need HI-MACS fabrication certification from Laminex before I can buy HI-MACS?

It is important that all fabricators are aware of the HI-MACS fabrication guidelines, to ensure they are covered under the HI-MACS warranty in case of any product claims. 


Will I be able to order HI-MACS online?

Yes, all Laminex accredited HI-MACS Fabricators will be able to purchase HI-MACS from Laminex.com.au. To register for an online ordering account, follow the instructions here: https://www.laminex.com.au/trade/accounts/benefits-of-an-online-account


Where can I get HI-MACS technical support?

For any questions relating to HI-MACS design, application suitability or fabrication, please email the Laminex Technical Queries team at: himacs@laminex.com.au.