Surround by Laminex turned to Melbourne based Studio Esteta and their inspired approach to colour and texture to highlight the possibilities of the decorative wall panel range.

Sarah Cosentino, and studio partner Felicity Slattery, saw the potential in the product to be more than cladding, adapting it perfectly for furniture and custom applications.

“We love using timber in our work and creating textural depth where we can. So much of our work is bespoke and custom and we wanted to show how versatile Surround by Laminex can be, pushing the boundaries and showing how it can be used in different settings,” says Cosentino.

Studio Esteta created three spaces, including a bedroom, study and living room, each with their own unique palette, but with their signature thread connecting each response. Textural and textile elements and a focus on local fittings and fixtures were a chance to subversively add warmth and depth as they would for private clients, but what remained was the unmistakeable convex and concave, batten and slatted finishes of Surround by Laminex painted in Studio Esteta’s confident grasp of colour.

Each room has its own identity, the rusts and minty greens of the bedroom are bold yet welcoming, creating an unexpected place to relax and retire.

“We really wanted to approach the use of Surround by Laminex like joinery,” Cosentino says of the generous bedhead, “and to create custom elements to show that it’s more than just a wall fitting.” The use of Scallop 45 in Dulux Cat Mint was ground by the use of the new Scallop 135 profile in Dulux Sienna Stone as the bedhead.

In the living room, an olive-green feature wall in the Classic VJ 100 profile and open shelving in Laminex Danish Walnut encourages home owners to be brave and let colour and textures fill your spaces with confidence. With consistency and control, your rooms will not only reflect your personality, but invite and entertain for years to come.

Mustards and earthy tones in the study play off the use of Laminex Danish Walnut timber laminate from the Laminex Colour Collection creating a nook that is equal parts modernist throwback and contemporary in its design approach. The boldness of the French Stripe profile in Dulux Alluvial Inca was balanced with the use of complementary furniture, fixtures and finishes in brass and ceramic to add the dash of warmth the studio brings to all their projects. The cork backboard of the desk a studio provides that extra touch of textural detail.