It has become ever more important to create spaces for both home and work, that create an emotive response and connect us back to the natural environment. The materials we use in our interiors play such an important part in creating this connection and setting a mood, through colour or texture we can calm or uplift, personalise and add character.

Laminex presents the latest decors offering immersive colour, nature inspired woodgrains and calming mineral finishes. Explore the Laminex décor trends for 2021 and bring to life the story you want to convey in your interior.

Immersive Mood

Drawn from the earth these warm saturated hues not only reflect elements of nature, but the influence of the feminine on colour directions.

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Harmonious Contrast

A more dramatic approach to traditional minimalism, Japandi builds on the need for calm, restful interiors but with a contrasting monochromatic palette.

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Grounding Greens

A connection to nature is more important than ever, the impact of our busy lives has us striving towards a better balance and looking towards nature to reinvigorate us.

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Calm Minimalism

The importance of wellbeing, and a calming environment is driving a need for a minimalist approach to interiors.

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