Washing dishes, ironing and scrubbing showers aren’t high on many people’s lists of fun. That why it’s extra important to create fresh, inviting kitchens, bathrooms and laundries. Reflecting your personal style in these working spaces will inspire continuity and flow to the rest of your home. Plus, we think housework done in a beautiful environment feels just a little less like a chore.

White is a classic choice when it comes to achieving a clean, bright space, but navigating the overwhelming world of white options isn’t always easy. Here are eight stunning curated color palettes for kitchens, laundries and bathrooms to suit your style.

1 - Zen palette

Inspired by simple, minimalistic Zen Style, this fresh look is defined by a contemporary, architectural white on both the benchtop and cabinetry, Laminex Polar White. Laminex Elegant Oak, a light toned woodgrain, brings added depth and texture.

2 - Scandinavian palette

Scandinavian style always starts with a crisp, modern palette. Begin with a simple white benchtop in Essastone Caolino, and add a pale, vanilla-toned timber such as Laminex Milkwood. A playful pop of pastel such as Laminex Eggshell brings the Scandi vibe to life.

3 - Hamptons palette

A classic Hamptons look is characterised by a beautiful neutral colour scheme. Layering textures and colours brings subtle interest and timeless style. We love Essastone Calcite for a classic style benchtop combined with Laminex Avignon Walnut, a sophisticated mid-toned woodgrain. Use rich, warm tones layered throughout.

4 - Modern & Co palette

This colour scheme injects warmth and softness to any space and works so well for high-traffic rooms. The Essastone Saint Moritz benchtop and splashback here are perfectly complemented by the golden radiance of AbsoluteGrain in Aged Ash. Laminex AbsoluteMatte in White delivers a dose of contemporary cool to the look.

5 - Coastal palette

To create a more rustic, Coastal inspired look, we love a highly textured timber such as Laminex Rural Oak for feature cabinetry, delivering a sense of history to the space. This is beautifully supported by light grey accent cabinetry in Laminex Ghostgum. And to enhance the overall look, the larger aggregate of Essastone Chalkstone works so well for benchtops and splashbacks.

6 - Industrial palette

Who said Industrial style is always dark and moody? This warm, welcoming white benchtop and splashback in Essastone Pure Cloud combines with light grey cabinetry in Laminex FormWrap Sarsen Grey to create an industrial palette with a fresh, contemporary edge. Introducing a mid-tone timber like Laminex AbsoluteGrain in Aged Walnut adds depth and beauty.

7 - Glamour palette

Deep, rich timber tones combined with a soft, warm grey epitomise the Glamour aesthetic and help deliver a sense of luxury to your space. (Yes, even in a laundry!) Inject warmth with benchtops and splashbacks in Essastone Crystallite and add the luxurious dark Laminex Impressions in Espresso Ligna for cabinetry.

8 - Vintage palette

With its flecked, Italian terrazzo styling, Essastone Silica is the perfect stone for a vintage inspired white look. Pair the stone with a soft, creamy white such as Laminex Parchment and a mid-toned woodgrain like Laminex Natural Walnut for cabinetry.

Want more colour inspiration? With over 30 colour palettes for whites, marbles, concretes and minerals, the Essastone Colour & Design Guide is available for download NOW



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