What are Classic Styles?

Classic interior styles represent timeless beauty. Reflecting the opulent homes, hotels and holiday getaways of the wealthy, Classic styles deliver relaxed elegance and refinement. Décor choices work to highlight the traditional architectural features and luxurious details of a home, so high ceilings, vast windows and ornate cornices are all attributes you'll see in Classic styles.

The Base Palette

Classic styles offer a sophisticated décor set designed to showcase a home’s standout features. Clean whites and soft grey tones begin the colour story, with elegant grey toned timbers – both light and dark – bringing drama and elegance.

Classic sub styles

Timeless and elegant, a Classic interior is an enduring style preference. Elegant traditional architecture and furniture embrace pale colours with accents of metallic. Classic palettes stand the test of time, work with a range of highlights and accessories, and are easily refreshed with your favourite new pieces.


Rustic and relaxed, this Classic style is born from the beach and invites light, calm and lazy sea breezes into your home.

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Relaxed yet supremely sophisticated, Hamptons style is a Classic décor choice with rustic charm. Inspired by wealthy New Yorkers’ beachside escapes, Hamptons interiors are traditionally flooded with natural light, and maximise traditional architectural elements.

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Sculptural, tactile and beautifully bold, this statement making style mixes metals to create an elegant result.

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Inspired by the classical luxury and enduring allure of European architecture, Glamour interiors captivate and enchant.

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