What are Contemporary Styles?

Reflecting the fast changing nature of our modern lifestyles, Contemporary styles are fresh and exciting, with unexpected elements cleverly woven into designs. They borrow from the past, bringing ancient ideas and retro style to light with a warm and welcoming mood. The last century has spawned a range of interior styles, all sharing the optimism of a post-war world. Softer features, curved edges and clean lines all speak to the character and forms of Contemporary style.

The Base Palette

Clean and cohesive are key elements of the Contemporary base palette. Fresh, modern styles love to reflect light by starting their colour stories with simple, warm whites and pale neutrals. Keep your Contemporary base palette refined and softly textural with a light to medium timber with subtle graining and an inviting tone.

Design Styles Contemporary 3 Design Styles Contemporary 3
Design Styles Contemporary 4 Design Styles Contemporary 4
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Contemporary Sub Styles

All becoming more popular in the last half-century, the Contemporary supporting styles bring a fresh, modern vibe to any space. Clean Scandinavian style delivers popular Nordic chic and an easy simplicity to homes. Pared down Zen style embodies the minimalist, anti-clutter aesthetic. Vintage style reimagines and repurposes older design elements with a modern slant. And finally, Modern & Co embraces sleek, clean lines and maximises flow through a home.

Modern & Co

Embracing clean lines and minimal clutter, the contemporary Modern & Co style is fresh and welcoming.

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Now one of the world's most popular styles, Scandinavian design epitomizes simplicity, functionality and minimalism.

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Featuring clean lines and a predominance of white, Zen style creates a peaceful, calming environment that looks beautiful without being overdressed.

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Vintage style re-imagines and re-purposes older design elements with a modern twist.

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