What are Raw Styles?

Raw interiors are designed to awaken your senses and show off the authenticity and truth of a space. Rustic, organic forms and original features are exposed and celebrated – not covered up or hidden. Natural materials such as stone, wood and leather bring a crucial, imperfect vibe and aged or distressed items also work well. Original architectural features like trusses, ceilings, brickwork, concrete flooring are emphasized and bring about an unfinished, ethical style of beauty. Interesting pieces of handcrafted, re-purposed or salvaged furniture and accessories are also widely used in Raw interiors.

The Base Palette

The colours forming the basis of any Raw palette should allow the exposed, natural elements to shine through. Creamy whites, greys, black and other neutral tones deliver warmth and welcome. And just as important as colour, unrefined, grained timbers and other pared back materials keep the look grounded and authentic, an essential element of the Raw style. Toned timbers – both light and dark – bring drama and elegance

Raw Sub Styles

Honouring beauty in unprocessed and organic forms, Raw styles reflect a modern ecological consciousness.


Inspired by nature, Natural style is raw and tactile with a strong sense of authenticity.

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Stripped back, utilitarian and edgy, Industrial interiors mix the old with the new taking style cues from converted warehouses and factories.

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Inner Urban

Cleaner and more contemporary than its close cousin Industrial style, Inner Urban playfully embraces the history and future of city living.

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This style is not for the faint of heart. Based on dramatic, dark toned blacks, greys and inky-blues, Noir style makes a bold statement created to be admired.

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