Laminex InvisiEdgeTM ABS Edging

Introducing the next generation of edging technology that softens the join line to mimic the look of 2 Pack Painted Doors.

What is InvisiEdge ABS Edging?

Applied using Laser and Air Force edgebanding machines, Laminex InvisiEdgeTM ABS Edging is an edgeband with a pre-applied functional layer that replaces the traditional glue used to apply edgeband, allowing for a much superior and seamless joint between the edgeband and the board.

Features & Benefits

Laminex InvisiEdge ABS Edging gives Laminex Cabinetry a very similar visual appeal to 2Pac Painted Doors, but with all of the features of laminate. Compared to standard ABS edging, InvisiEdge ABS Edging is a more durable and functional edging option which features an almost invisible joint. Because InvisiEdge ABS Edging is virtually seamless, the cabinetry becomes more hygienic and is easier to clean.

Enhanced Durability & Resistance

The virtually seamless edge details of InvisiEdge ABS Edging offers a premium aesthetic with minimal glue lines, which limits chipping, discolouration or delamination. Because of the almost invisible join, the edging offers additional resistance to dust and humidity.

Sustainable & Efficient Manufacturing

InvisiEdge ABS Edging allows for a far cleaner, more affordable and time saving operation. By not needing to use glue, the cost to purchase, preheating of the glue, and reduced finishing time to scrape off glue is no longer required.

The Range

InvisiEdge is available in a variety of thicknesses, lengths and colours. So to make things easier to
understand, we have split the range into applications;
Doors, Panels & Cabinetry, and Benchtops.

Doors, Panels & Cabinetry Range

Range Details

Width: 23mm
Thickness: 1.2mm
Decors: 22 Decors
Finishes: Available in AbsoluteMatte, AbsoluteGloss, Natural and Silk Finishes.
Roll Length: 100m

DesignEdge - Made to Measure Doors

Talk to your edgeband supplier about whether your current machine is compatible, or to understand your upgrade options. Alternatively, Laminex can provide finished doors with InvisiEdge ABS Edging through our DesignEdge Made to Measure offer.

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Benchtop Range

Range Details

Width: 38mm
Thickness: 1.2mm
Decors: 5 Decors
Finishes: Available in Natural and Diamond Gloss Finishes
Roll Length: 25m
Suitable for: 33mm Laminex Benchtops

Made to Measure Benchtops

Don't have the machine capability to achieve this look? Don't worry, Laminex have invested in the machinery to be cut, edge and deliver the doors & panels you need.
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Document Downloads

Laminex Commercial Range Brochure

Date Issued: 19 Sep 2022


Laminex Commercial Range Brochure

Download Date Issued: 19 Sep 2022


Laminex Made Measure Cabinetry Brochure

Date Issued: 01 May 2023


Laminex Made Measure Cabinetry Brochure

Download Date Issued: 01 May 2023