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Laminex has been part of Australian life for more than 80 years. Our commitment to design, innovation, quality and sustainability endures. That's why we continue to produce a beautifully curated collection of decorative surfaces designed to stand up to the rigours of everyday life.

Laminex-Raw-Birchply-Bathroom-01-304x434.jpg Laminex-Raw-Birchply-Bathroom-01-304x434.jpg
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Laminex-Perth-White-Kitchen-304x434.jpg Laminex-Perth-White-Kitchen-304x434.jpg
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Laminex-GIA-Mineral-Kitchen-01-640x434.jpg Laminex-GIA-Mineral-Kitchen-01-640x434.jpg
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Laminex-Chris-Connell-Kitchen-01-304x434.jpg Laminex-Chris-Connell-Kitchen-01-304x434.jpg
The Laminex Colour Collection

Inspired globally and designed for the Australian lifestyle, the new Laminex Colour Collection is a cohesive colour and product range that reflects a movement towards design that connects with our natural environment. Expect beautiful timber grain laminates with true realism, muted organic colours, urban influences and dramatic finishes.

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Whites and Neutrals

Perfect for benchtops and cabinetry, this stunning range includes a series of 12 whites for all styles and mid to dark tone neutrals that complement and contrast any scheme.

Explore White and Neutrals


Curated to complement flooring and furniture trends, the Woodgrains collection reflects the most realistic timber grains in the market, and includes a range of decors - from oak, maple, birch ply to jarrah and walnut.

Explore Woodgrains


Showcasing a range of decors ideal for benchtops, the Minerals range have tones that work beautifully with neutral and woodgrain palettes. It features veins, soft and more delicate aggregates, through to patterns and details that create an authentic look.

Explore Minerals


Accent colours are the accessories of interior design. From creamy pastels, natural textures to bold colours, the Accents range create impact, bring harmony and show off your personal style. Use sparingly to energise and anchor your central style statement.

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From classic tones of brushed brass, copper and bronze, and the radiant glow of rose tinted gold, the Metallic series brings a refined sense of glamour to any interior space.

Explore Metallics


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the new Laminex Colour Collection?

The new Laminex Colour Collection represents our design philosophy of bringing to life colours that exist in nature. The new collection is cohesive, design-led and reflects the movement towards design that connects with our natural environment.

The new Laminex Colour Collection is structured into four core palettes:

  • Whites and Neutrals
  • Woodgrains
  • Minerals
  • Accents and Metallics

Are there any changes to Laminex finishes?

We’ve revamped the AbsoluteMatte, Silk, DiamondGloss and Woodgrains ranges to include similar colour options across the different finishes.

We have also re-assessed the Woodgrains finishes to ensure each décor is offered in the most realistic finish. This ensures the most true-to-life result for most vertical and horizontal applications.

Laminex AbsoluteGrain has been incorporated into our Impressions range which now include Nuance and Chalk finish.

For more details, download our product catalogues.

Where can I get samples of the new decors?

You can order samples online or visit a Laminex showroom near you.

I want to see project photos that feature the Laminex decors I'm interested in. Where can I find them?

We publish case studies, blog articles and social media posts that showcase Laminex decors regularly. You'll find beautiful imagery and project photos in the Inspiration Gallery and Design Blog. For daily inspiration, follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.