The Collaboration

Laminex’s latest collaboration is a demonstration of confidence and Studio Doherty’s sensational signatures. Designed to inspire, to bring joy and to show what’s possible with the latest and favourite products. This is going to be a masterclass in colour.

Known for their fun and ‘just the right amount of kooky’ approach to design, Studio Doherty has been adding their playful touch to Australian interiors since 2014. Led by Mardi Doherty, her namesake studio is a close-knit team full of creativity and expression. Whether working with architects, landscape designers or gifted craftspeople, collaboration is central to their process. From suppliers and partners to clients and staff, the Studio Doherty network is essential to the extraordinary outcomes evident in their wonderful folio and archives.

Working with Laminex, Studio Doherty designed two amazing kitchens to perfectly encapsulate their house style and codes. With colour and an ability to make bold textural statements, both kitchens take us from the safety of traditional templates, while remaining practical and usable, giving us purpose and a reason to smile every time we walk in.

“We asked ourselves ‘how can we make them unique?” And we knew that, alongside merging some neat hospitality tricks with home design that it was about making it playful,” says Mardi Doherty, “and really pushing it!”

The Kitchens

Scoop is a larger kitchen designed for families and those ready to experiment. Along with colour and materiality, Scoop employs lightness and space by offering a series of furniture inspired elements, tied together by Studio Doherty’s playful touch and the extensive textural library of Laminex. Everyday practicalities and operational necessities of a modern kitchen are retained, showing us how cabinetry can be used in exciting new ways. With space on its side, Scoop is a luxurious kitchen, bringing some Modernist fun and hospitality pragmatism to the home.

Colour, Texture, Detail and Delight

“Often when you see Laminex, you think about it as the square face, square front, but it’s actually an incredibly versatile material and you can do a lot of things you can’t with other materials,” says Phoebe Lipscombe, Associate and Designer, Studio Doherty.

“Obviously colour is something that permeates all our projects and something we want to show in these kitchens, but we’re also really interested in composition and beautiful detailing. We want to demonstrate how you can use and work with different finishes to achieve beautiful and maybe unexpected results.”

Laminex X Studio Doherty delivers helpings of personality and fun, aligning with Laminex’s constant pursuit of quality and aesthetic appeal. In short, this is colour, texture, detail and delight and we can’t wait to show you.