“We all know the kitchen is the heart of the home, but as a place of entertainment we were keen to pursue the idea of making it more playful.”
Mardi Doherty, Director Studio Doherty.

The Scoop Kitchen by Studio Doherty for Laminex takes its fun seriously. Made up of a whole host of colour, finishes and surfaces, it is a masterclass of interior design and a testament to Studio Doherty’s style and philosophy.

The Studio Doherty team began by thinking about how a modern kitchen can work - and delivering on their promise of fun. Curves, concave elements and free-standing joinery take centre stage in their response to the Laminex brief, delighting with its attention to detail, refreshing colour palette and unexpected use of joinery.

“We were excited to explore the kitchen as a series of joinery pieces, using a furniture-like quality, that brings with it a beauty that isn't just your traditional, rectangular block kitchen.”

Built as a series of large individual elements; a double width four-door pantry and bar, large island with dining table and galley section with imposing fridge cabinetry, Scoop Kitchen, in one form or another, appears to float or create space between their volume and the floor. Standing tall on legs or clever plinths, there’s a lightness to the kitchen that is further enhanced by clever and unconventional material selection like Laminex Mirror Smoke Metallic or Laminex Kashmir Granite.

“We knew we would use AbsoluteMatte for Scoop, it has such a beautiful texture” says Doherty, “but we also love using glossy finishes. We use a lot of Laminex in our work and part of this project was to use some finishes that we thought were maybe a little more challenging and get them to work together and provide great contrast. Products like the Laminex granites and stones to pair back and try and be a little more experimental, take a few more risks with it. I feel like we were quite successful.”

Sculptural elements are what tie the kitchen together. From the rangehood to the kitchen island, Laminex Smoked Birchply has been used to great effect in the scoop motif that is more than just apt detailing. At the end of the large island, the benchtop expands into a circular dining table, perfect for guest interaction or extra space for homework and discussion. Yet underneath the cold-formed curves of the Laminex Smoked Birchply - created by pressing into cleverly constructed concave joinery - allow for stools to be kept tidily underneath while performing a neat weightlessness trick with the island itself. A second, larger, singular curve at the opposite end offers a similar nook for seating if need be.

“We love working with light. Filtered, natural or artificial,” says Doherty and in the back, mottled glass is framed by Surround by Laminex Batten 25 and lets gentle, dappled light in bouncing off the Laminex Mirror Smoke Metallic of the pantry sending it on a relay around the kitchen. Laminex AbsoluteMatte in Otway and in Paper Bark dissipate glare and reflection, leaving the space bright without any unnecessary reflection or shine.

As an extension of the living area, Scoop is a sculptural and special space that welcomes and encourages connection and creativity; multipurpose, yet specialised. Made to exact specifications, the rangehood uses a cold-form technique allowing Laminex to be applied to radii such as these, giving space for small theatrical moments like this. In an amalgamation of curves, textures, colours and technique, demonstrating Studio Doherty’s consistency of theme.

“We’re inspired by Modernist Architecture and those quirky combinations and consideration of finishes,” says Doherty of her practice, “and many of us in the studio have a background in hospitality design and I think that idea of theatre is really important to us and something we try to capture in all our projects… and about establishing material and colour combinations that express individuality.”

Special attention has been paid to internal details and like a jewellery-store case, the gems are inside; Laminex Peacock, Moroccan Clay and Steel Blue clad the shelves and internals of the pantry while Laminex Olivine and Moroccan Clay bring a smile to your face every time a drawer is opened. Just as durable, only with a lot more personality.

Campaign: Laminex
Design: Studio Doherty
Photographer: Derek Swalwell
Stylist: Natalie James
Art Direction: Ortolan
Joinery: Evolve Interiors Tiled Floor and Splashback: Artedomus
Appliances: Fisher&Paykel

Featured in these designs
Back Bench
Laminex Paper Bark in AbsoluteMatte
Laminex Olivine
Laminex Kashmir Granite
Artedomus Wakei Mosaic Tile (curved splashback)
Surround by Laminex French Stripe 30 (shelf on wall)

Island Bench
Laminex Smoked Birchply in Chalk
Laminex Otway in AbsoluteMatte
Laminex Moroccan Clay

Laminex Smoked Birchply in Chalk

Pantry and Bar
Laminex Mirror Smoke
Laminex Peacock and Laminex Steel Blue (Pantry Side)
Laminex Moroccan Clay Laminex Steel Blue (Bar Side)

Floor Tiles
Artedomus Litos Tobacco
Fibonacci Khaki Jam (in-lay)

Surround by Laminex Batten 25 painted in Dulux Five Fingers Peninsula
Mottled glass

Styling items
Custom design Stools by Christopher Blank, Wall light by Sarah Nedovic, Sofa by Jardan, Rug by Halcyon Lake, Sidetable by New Volumes