Studio Doherty masterfully demonstrates the possibilities of Laminex in their brilliant new kitchen, Scoop. From the repeated concave motifs of the rangehood and kitchen island to the mirrored pantry, an assortment of techniques and processes have been employed to achieve a seamless blend of craft and style, showcasing the versatility of Laminex.

“We knew when we were looking at the plans it was going to be a pretty impressive project,” says Andy Joachim, Joinery Director, Evolve Interiors, “and we knew that it was going to have some challenges, but we love challenges and these kinds of projects.”

It’s easy to say High Pressure Laminate (HPL) for high-traffic, horizontal expanses and Low Pressure Melamine (LPM) on verticals and interior cabinetry, but a chat with Joachim at Evolve Interiors reveals a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to the application of laminate.

A quick look over Studio Doherty’s plans reveals an affinity for curves and circular motifs, and Scoop Kitchen is no different. Evolve Interiors explains how they were able to achieve the studio’s signatures and stay true to the intentions of the design while highlighting the abilities of Laminex.

Cold Forming into Creative Shape

Built much like skateboard ramp, the curves of Scoop Kitchen’s rangehood and island are achieved by attaching ribs to a template of the desired shape. Plywood is adhered to the ribs to form a solid base. Whereas a skateboard ramp has plenty of room to play, the curves here have much tighter radii and push Laminex’s cold-forming minimum radius of 150mm to its limit.

Both the rangehood and island base repeat their loops and establish the kitchen’s main signature, but unlike the rangehood, the island base follows the circular shape of the dining end of the bench. Each curve continues beyond a half circle, almost touching the bend of the next ‘scoop’ before reaching just a little further to form a ‘birds’ mouth’ at the tip.

“We would push the limits of the bendy ply and the radiuses would want to open up, but once we laminated it, it was great. They counteracted each other. If you prepare yourself, it’s pretty much limitless what you can do with it (Laminex)” says Joachim. They were then temporarily held in place to make sure they were set.

It's What's Inside

Several elements of Scoop Kitchen - pantry, drawers and doors - have been finished with coloured interior cabinetry. Used to expand or further explore a theme, the choice to use colour on the inside of your drawers and doors adds individuality, a dash of fun and inspiration for your clients to think outside the box.

Inside the pantry, designed as two double door cabinets, shelves in Laminex Steel Blue contrast the Laminex Moroccan Clay lining. The second cabinet plays a similar trick with Laminex Peacock lining the panels instead. Bullnose shelves, postformed in HPL have been used to form their 35mm radii edges, protecting and resisting the rigours of a hard-working kitchen.

Drawers in the main galley have been made with concealed runners and no exposed fixings, leaving only the colour of the Laminex on show.

“We mortise and tenon the boxes and if it’s available in the Laminex Decorated Board you can almost make any size you like in whatever finish you want,” says Joachim, on the flexibility of Decorated Board.

Available in both HPL and Laminex Decorated Board, they’re featured here in Laminex Moroccan Clay and Olivine, working with benchtop shadow line. Laminated with Laminex Olivine, it’s a subtle detail that is traditionally tonal but becomes another element in this creative kitchen design.

Absolutely Premium

Both benchtops have been finished using AbsoluteMatte. Perfect for high traffic areas that require antimicrobial surfaces and fingerprint, scratch, water, stain and heat resistance. Its finish is unlike any other and makes the perfect counterpoint to the mirror-like surfaces and gloss splashback. The island uses Laminex Otway AbsoluteMatte edged with Laminex Smoked Birchply allowing the plinth to continue uninterrupted from base to benchtop. And, though the main rear bench in Paper Bark AbsoluteMatte is simpler in application, it is nonetheless premium in execution.

Low Pressure Results

The oversize cabinet of the fridge was produced using Laminex LPM boards, perfect for vertical panels such as these and great way to provide budget and production efficiency for any design. Just as the drawers can be made to almost any size, the beauty of Laminex doors and panels is the potential they offer, allowing for curves or cuts to your liking. Laminex InvisiEdge completes the look.

Studio Doherty designed custom handles to open the fridge with a statement. Turned by a local maker, and painted to match Laminex Paper Bark they are a great example of the benefits of working with knowledgeable makers and their networks.

Connecting the fridge cabinetry and the benchtop, a plinth-like panel in Laminex Kashmir Granite Natural (HPL) envelopes the cabinetry, hiding all services with a hard-wearing material for the kicker.

Laminex X Studio Doherty have brought several different and complex elements together into one cohesive, well planned whole. And while the art is in making this look easy; the results are nothing without the work of experienced and skilled cabinet makers, joiners and fabricators.

“Naturally architects and designers want to push the boundaries, but it’s my job to bring their vision to life,” says Joachim.

Speak to Laminex directly or contact your cabinetry supplier for specific information and advice.

Campaign: Laminex
Design: Studio Doherty
Photographer: Derek Swalwell
Stylist: Natalie James
Art Direction: Ortolan
Joinery: Evolve Interiors
Tiled Floor and Splashback: Artedomus
Appliances: Fisher&Paykel

Featured in these designs
Back Bench Laminex Paper Bark in AbsoluteMatte
Laminex Olivine
Laminex Kashmir Granite
Artedomus Wakei Mosaic Tile (curved splashback)
Surround by Laminex French Stripe 30 (shelf on wall)

Island Bench
Laminex Smoked Birchply in Chalk
Laminex Otway in AbsoluteMatte
Laminex Moroccan Clay

Laminex Smoked Birchply in Chalk

Pantry and Bar
Laminex Mirror Smoke
Laminex Peacock and Laminex Steel Blue (Pantry Side)
Laminex Moroccan Clay Laminex Steel Blue (Bar Side)

Floor Tiles
Artedomus Litos Tobacco
Fibonacci Khaki Jam (in-lay)

Surround by Laminex Batten 25 painted in Dulux Five Fingers Peninsula
Mottled glass

Styling items
Custom design Stools by Christopher Blank, Wall light by Sarah Nedovic, Sofa by Jardan, Rug by Halcyon Lake, Sidetable by New Volumes