Colours and textures that bring us closer to nature

As the pace of modern life increases, our yearning to connect with nature grows. We look for colours, textures and shapes that celebrate the energising spirit of the natural world. Beneath The Surface finds them in our planet’s vast oceans, and the places where land meets sea.

Laminex is constantly surveying interior design from around the world, to ensure that we deliver the contemporary surface materials you need. This knowledge is brought together in the Laminex Forecast, to give the Australian design industry insight into emerging movements in colour and texture for 2020.



The dreamy colours here give us a place to pause and recharge. They have a faded quality. They’re ethereal, muted, creamy, chalky. Warm and cool tones mix in surprising ways. All find a natural harmony.

Seek quiet serenity with Calm

In The Shallows

Rich, graduated greens and deep, textural browns place us directly in nature, keeping us grounded. They’re organic and raw. Confronting to some, relaxing to others. An expression of respect for the environment.

Get grounded with In The Shallows

Deep Below

Taking a deeper dive, we find our true selves. Strength and resilience are expressed in rich blues, deep greys and blacks. There’s shadow, reflection and, despite the darkness, safety and comfort.

Find inner strength with Deep Below

See The Light

Positivity springs forth with fresh, clean tones. Nuanced bright colours, tinted neutrals, chalky pastels and the pearlescent finishes of exquisite seashells mix in eclectic combinations. Playful yet elegant, and bursting with hope.

Embrace positivity with See The Light


Beneath The Surface Forecast 2020

The annual forecast from Laminex presents a beautiful palette of emerging colours and textures that promise to bring us closer to nature.

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